About us

The Old Red Bus Company enjoys *5 star* ratings on many review sites from Facebook to Google.

The vehicles we drive are a real pride & joy and customers love riding in the classic Routemaster which of course includes driver and conductor. You can rely on us for punctuality and crew are friendly, helpful and smart, fitting the occasion.

We are often told how smooth and professional our driving experience is, without jerky moves or sharp acceleration. This is because we are a small company so our vehicles are driven with great care rather than by hired-in staff, who aren’t always quite so focused on the passengers. We can provide personalised bus destination signs and personalised souvenir tickets for all your guests.

Our staff are always courteous, genuinely happy, friendly, helpful and smiling. We are careful at The Old Red Bus Company as we know other people have told us of experiences with indifferent or surly conductors. We appreciate it should be a joyous, once in a lifetime, day and the way your guests are interacted with can alter the enjoyment of the trip enormously.

Wedding Decorations – Your Routemaster bus will come fully decorated for your wedding at no extra cost, with iconic ribbon & bow ensuring that you arrive at your destination in style.

TV & Film Hire – One of our senior drivers is also an experienced supporting artiste & screen actor. Just let us know at time of booking if he may be required.

No hidden charges – Unlike other company’s the price we quote is the price you pay and there is no VAT on bus bookings. Other company’s sometimes charge for changing the time or address of your Routemaster booking, we don’t charge any extra, we understand how important your booking is, and just do our best to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Visiting London with friends or family? Why not have a tour of London in a Routemaster Bus? The Old Red Bus Company is here for your special day.

Call Mark on 07718 914 068 now to arrange your vintage bus journey.